And so it begins…

Since my cohort has done such a wonderful job explaining the general idea of this blog, I figured I would tell you a bit about myself.

I am also a 26-year-old law student at New York Law School.  Born and raised in Staten Island, NY and a Bernard M. Baruch College graduate, I have spent my entire life living, working, playing, and going to school in NYC.  So of course I will be moving to Los Angeles in May after I graduate.  My decision to move out to LA with my girlfriend of six years came as a shock to many, but we both want to work in the entertainment industry (me as a lawyer/agent and her as an actress) so it just made sense.  You’ll see that my pop culture interests lean heavily towards film and television which makes my desire to work in entertainment law and my move to LA a natural fit.  In addition to movies and TV, I was an English Lit major and am an avid reader.  I read anything from the classics to books on legal philosophy to comic books (aka graphic novels.)  Yup, I’m sort of a comic book nerd (used to buy single issues but have transitioned to trade-waiting – comic book aficionados will understand what this means.)

Of course, I am also a huge sports nut.  My allegiances are as follows: New York Mets, Green Bay Packers, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and Real Madrid.  I suppose I have natural biases when it comes to these teams, I like to believe that I am able set my biases aside and provide honest sports commentary.  My favorite sport is easily baseball but football isn’t far behind (played in high school – Back-2-Back CHSAA Varsity Champs!) I also follow the NBA fairly closely these days after my brother and a high school buddy of mine helped me re-discover my love for the NBA.  I don’t really follow the NHL other than the Rangers, but I will confess that my Ranger fandom has been subpar due to the time crunch of law school.  My Real Madrid fandom essentially parallels my Rangers fandom (can’t wait for the World Cup in 2010 though!)  I dip my toe into MMA (specifically UFC), boxing, and golf from time to time, I usually tune into the Summer and Winter Olympics when they come around, and I even glance at the X-Games if I am aware that it’s that time of the year.  So I guess you could say that I am a sports-man of all seasons.  Unfortunately, I am not a big college sports guy.  It’s just not my thing – chalk it up to going to a city school in Manhattan. However, I will tune in for March Madness and any Bowl Games that seem to be generating some buzz.

So there you have it – pretty much anything and everything is open for discussion, debate, and analysis.  Enjoy.


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